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HEINZMANN DirectPower series bicycle drives can be used in different systems thanks to the independent control integrated into the battery box. The power electronics are located outside the motor. This means that they are not impaired by any motor heating, ensuring that the system performance is not reduced.

The regenerative system can recharge when travelling downhill and when braking, which can increase the range. Whether they prefer a front or rear wheel drive, the DirectPower system adapts to our customers’ specifications. Thanks to this flexibility, it has a variety of possible applications in addition to the e-bike market, mobility scooters being just one example.


Powerful & tenacious

External electronics

Gearless motor


  • System overview
  • Motor
  • Controller
  • Battery
  • Sensors
  • Display & Control Unit
  • Service Software

Uebersicht DirectPower englisch

The PRA 180-25 e-bike motor used in the DirectPower system features innovative technology and outstanding power development. The brushless and gearless design minimises maintenance costs and wear. This makes it the ideal component for a convenient and uncomplicated drive solution.


ICON VorderradeinbauFront wheel

ICON HinterradeinbauRear wheel


The external control for the DirectPower system is normally integrated into the battery box on the luggage carrier. It conveniently controls all drive functions. Support is activated and the level of support is selected using a torque sensor in the bottom bracket.

Various parameters such as assisted pull-away and support levels can be adjusted by the customer using a control unit on the handlebars. The control also allows regeneration.

The operating software can be updated by the OEM via an interface. A wireless connection via Bluetooth is possible.

Carrier batteryCarrier battery

The lithium ion high-performance battery with integrated control is available for attachment to the luggage carrier. Thanks to magnetic plug connections it fits quickly and easily into the holder on the housing box.

A separate charging socket allows the battery to be charged separately from the bike and the charge level can be displayed at the push of a button. Passive cell balancing increases the service life of the battery pack, which is water-tight, shock proof and vibration-resistant.

  • Capacity carrier battery: 14,25 Ah
  • Weight carrier battery: 3,2 kg
  • Voltage: je 36 V
  • Dimensions carrier battery (LxBxH): 452 x 140 x 85 mm

The torque sensor is combined with the bottom bracket and discreetly integrated into it. It provides the pedal torque, pedal frequency and rotational direction of pedalling signals to the control. The torque sensor is completely maintenance free and does not require any adjustment.

The LCD display provides information on the support level, speed and battery status. The display has LED backlighting and can be read even in bright, sunny surroundings.

The system can also be operated safely while riding using the separate control unit on the handlebars. This enables it to be activated easily and rapidly and allows the support levels to be changed.

The HEINZMANN service software for bicycle drive systems allows convenient and fast configuration of the system using a clear display unit. This makes easy configuration by the manufacturer possible. All the major system parameters can be configured.

The system also provides precise error identification and has protection against factory data manipulation.

Application areas

ICON E Bike freiE-Bikes & Cargo Bikes

Further Bicycle Drive Systems


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