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HEINZMANN Company Group

HZM Engine & Turbinemanagement
Engine Management

Control & Monitoring

Control & Actuation

HEINZMANN Automation
Marine Automation

Gas & Water Turbine Control

Steam Turbine Control

CPK Automotive
Emission Control

Giro Engineering
Diesel Engine Components

Oil Mist Separators and Blow-by Filter Technology


Electric Drives
EUROBIKE 03 - 07 July Frankfurt a. M. DEU Demo Area F10.0 | Stand F25 HEINZMANN GmbH


Engine & Turbine ManagementDate/DatumCity/StadtCountry/LandHall/Halle/StandAusrichter/Host
WTZ Gas Engine Conference 15 - 16 May Dessau DEU Stand 4 HEINZMANN GmbH
SMM 2024 03 - 06 Sept Hamburg DEU Hall A3 | Stand 309 HEINZMANN GmbH
Rostock Large Engine Symposium 12 - 13 Sept Rostock DEU Stand C8 HEINZMANN GmbH
Energy Decentral 12 - 15 Nov Hanover DEU Registration HEINZMANN GmbH


Ausbildungsbörse Gewerbeschule 20 April Schopfheim DEU registered | angemeldet HEINZMANN GmbH
Girls´Day 25 April Schönau DEU registered | angemeldet HEINZMANN GmbH
KIT Career Fair Karlsruhe 15 May Karlsruhe DEU registered | angemeldet HEINZMANN GmbH
Career Fair Offenburg 23 Oct Offenburg DEU registered | angemeldet HEINZMANN GmbH

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