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The CargoPower systems for single-engine vehicles and CargoTwinPower with two engines for multi-track vehicles, which were specially developed for cargo bikes, are characterised by innovative technology, robust construction and high reliability. The heavy duty motor’s optimised heat management means that the system can cope with high loads. The inventive design culminates in increased power and torque density.
The CargoPower or CargoTwinPower system is the only „open system“ on the market. This allows customised batteries to be integrated. Whether cadence sensor or torque sensor, whether twist grip or thumb throttle, whether only HMI or optionally with display, the customer decides. Wiring harnesses are customised for optimal routing. These are just a few of the advantages that make the system the number one choice for all kinds of professional and commercial applications.


 Customised Solutions

 No Derating

 Reversing possible



System Overview




Operating Unit



System Overview CargoPower


Uebersicht CargoPower englisch

CargoPower Motor RN 111

The CargoPower RN 111 motor is the most compact and lightweight electric motor in its class and in the CargoTwinPower version also designed for multi-track vehicles. Its uniquely high torque and equally high power density are achieved with a high-performance planetary gear made from hardened steel. The innovative oil lubrication and cooling system provides optimum heat management and enables the system to cope with very high loads. Torque, torque support and the permitted axle loads are specifically designed for cargo bike applications. 


System CargoPower Controller

The control of the CargoPower system is contained in a separate housing.

The control uses CAN bus to communicate with the battery and display, as well as other peripherals such as the twist grip or torquesensor. The driving characteristics can be individually adjusted by the user using a USB interface to meet specific requirements. The electric assisted pull-away feature also supports stop-and-go operation.

As an option, the control allows regeneration, with additional inputs for brake contacts provided for this purpose.

In the CargoTwinPower system, two controllers are used in master / secondary operation.


The Heavy Duty battery can be fitted at almost any location.

The lithium ion high-performance battery is water-tight, shock proof and vibration-resistant. Passive cell balancing increases its service life. 

Operating unit

The operating unit is used to make all settings and issue commands to the drive system. It can be fitted on either the right or left of the handlebars and easily changed over so the display is on the correct side.

An intuitive display unit and convenient display functions for the operating status provide extensive information about operation, e.g. speed or range. An integrated Bluetooth 4.0 module makes it smartphone-compatible. A micro USB interface is used to connect to the service tool and also provides a charging function for smartphones.


The sensors in the CargoPower system include at least a cadence sensor and a twist grip. A control button is also available for reversing.

Versions with a torque sensor are possible as an option. This can either be integrated into the bottom bracket or directly in the hub.


The HEINZMANN service software for bicycle drive systems allows convenient and fast configuration of the system using a clear display unit. This makes easy configuration by the manufacturer possible. All the major system parameters can be configured.

The system also provides precise error identification and allows changes to be made at any time, including in the field. Protection against factory data manipulation is also implemented.





Consisting of a motor, controller, battery, sensors and controller.

  • High payload up to 300 kg up to 13.1 % uphill increase
  • Rated power 250 Watts with 1 motor according to DIN EN 15194
  • Optionally front or rear wheel installation
  • Vehicle-specific parameterisation of the motors



CargoPower Einspur


Here, two complete and identical CargoPower systems work in parallel. One of the controllers takes over the main control, the second works as a subsystem.

  • For vehicle weights up to 500 kg and up to 15.8 % increase on uphill side
  • Rated power 2× 125 W / 226 Nm torque of 2 motors according to DIN EN 15194
  • Country-specific power possible e.g. 2× 250 W Scandinavia / USA
  • Single-sided wheel suspension for narrow vehicle designs


tn FLY TwinPower

CargoPower Mehrspur




ICON Vorderradeinbau
Front wheel
ICON Hinterradeinbau
Rear wheel

Application areas

ICON E Bike freiE-Bikes & Cargo Bikes

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