Quality and precision since 1897

Ever since it was established back in 1897, HEINZMANN has stood for creativity and innovation. The company's founder, Josef Heinzmann, registered numerous patents in the field of control engineering. His successors have maintained this tradition until the present day. HEINZMANN sees itself as a company whose entire operation is focused on continuously developing optimised new solutions for its customers.

Chronology HEINZMANN Electric Drives

The engineer Josef Heinzmann (1860-1943) founded the company. The original focus was on speed governors for combustion engines.
Fritz Heinzmann (1892-1967) took over his father’s company and relocated it from Radebeul near Dresden to the Stuttgart area.
As there were no electric motors on the market that could withstand the extreme conditions in a combustion engine actuator, the HEINZMANN team swiftly developed one themselves.
After almost 90 years of company history, electric drives becomes a second main field of business for Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG.
The company is acquired by Anton Gromer, who had been at the helm as Managing Director since 1967. The portfolio is continuously expanded in the field of engine and turbine management.
In the same year, a complete series of brushed disc-type motors is launched.
HEINZMANN concentrates its scattered production facilities in a new plant in Schönau/Schwarzwald.
The first e-bike motor is developed and HEINZMANN becomes a pioneer in electric bicycle drives.
Start of series production of bicycle motors. HEINZMANN drives are also used by the German postal service Deutsche Post.
Markus Gromer becomes the second generation of his family to be the owner and Managing Director of HEINZMANN.
A newly developed series of brushless disc-type motors is launched.
HEINZMANN acquires PERM Motor GmbH, adding innovative disc-type motors with patented rotor technology to the range.
A new series of flat brushless disc motors of small size complete the HEINZMANN portfolio.
The newly developed DirectPower drive system is introduced to the e-bike market.
The powerful CargoPower drive system, which is specially designed for the use in heavy-duty bicycles, conquers the market.
A new generation of PMS motors is under development and will soon be launched on the market.
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