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The ClassicPower bicycle system has been successful in the electric mobility sector for decades. The drive’s key feature is its robust engineering, which makes the system almost fault and maintenance-free.
Thanks to its power and reliability, the ClassicPower system is very well suited for use in wheelchair cars, e-bikes and cargo bikes. Powerful torques are achieved with the built-in gears, offering the rider maximum support, even when travelling uphill or with increased loads.


Proven system

High tensile force



  • System Overview
  • Motor
  • Controller
  • Sensors
  • Luggage carrier

Uebersicht Classic englisch


The RN 120 ClassicPower motor provides support up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h and can be used as both a front and rear wheel drive. All mechanical parts in the motor are reliably protected by the completely enclosed and sealed housing. The powerful DC motor offers even power development with economical use of the battery capacity.

  • Rated speed: 180 - 209 rpm
  • Rated power: 250 W
  • Rated load torque: up to 13,2 Nm
  • Voltage: 36 VDC


ICON VorderradeinbauVorderrad


The digital control unit receives input signals from a twist grip for selecting the support level and a cadence sensorthat ensures that the system only provides support when pedalling. The system is optimised and pre-programmed and also has a pushing assistance function up to 6 km/h, which does not require pedalling.


Twist grip and cadence sensor Twist grip and cadence sensor


The sensors required for the ClassicPower system are a cadence system to identify if the rider is pedalling and a twist grip for selecting the support level.

The cadence sensor can be mounted on the right or left of the bottom bracket. On the twist grip there is an on/off switch and an LED display indicating the battery charge level.

Luggage carrier

The luggage carrier is designed for mounting a control unit and up to two batteries.
Max. permitted total weight is 30 kg.


Application areas

ICON E Bike freiE-Bikes & Cargo Bikes

Further Bicycle Drive Systems


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