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for high performance brushless disc-type motors

The brushless synchronous motors with up to 35 kW of power are superior to conventional electric motors in many ways. Thanks to their flat design, small size and low weight, the robust motors have proven their effectiveness in a huge range of applications for decades. In contrast to the standard version, motors from the PMS F series only contain one stator. They have a low weight and an even flatter design. This makes PMS F motors ideal for severely axially constricted installation positions.

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Dynamic & powerful

Patented rotor technology

Flat & lexible


  • Overview
  • PMS 066F
  • PMS 080F
  • PMS 100F

pms f

PMS 066F

Motor data

Rated speed: 3000 - 6000 rpm
Rated power: 0.15 - 0.4 kW
Rated load torque: 0.56 - 1.11 Nm
Intermediate circuit voltage: 24 - 48 VDC

PMS 080F

Motor data

Rated speed: 3000 | 4500 | 6000 rpm
Rated power: 0.55 ... 0.75 kW
Rated load torque: 1.19 ... 1.75 Nm
Intermediate circuit voltage: 24 | 48 VDC

PMS 100F

Motor data

Rated speed: 3000 | 4500 | 6000 rpm
Rated power: 0.65 ... 1.5 kW
Rated load torque: 2.07 ... 4.3 Nm
Intermediate circuit voltage: 24 | 48 VDC

Application area


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