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January 2019

On 26 November 2018, Markus Gromer signed a strategic investment contract with PLEV Technologies GmbH in Cologne. 

With this move, HEINZMANN is looking to provide the young start-up company with marketing support for STEEREON. This is the world's first electric scooter with patented all-wheel steering and will be available as of the middle of the year.

The two companies first made one another's acquaintance at the EUROBIKE 2018, where HEINZMANN was one of the exhibitors. It was also where PLEV Technologies presented their newly developed STEEREON electric scooter and became one of the 20 selected companies from the EUROBIKE Start-up Academy to reach the final round.

"I was so impressed by the presentation at the EUROBIKE that I decided it would be a good idea to support this company with the benefit of our experience in relation to the marketing of products in the field of electric mobility", says Markus Gromer, CEO of HEINZMANN. "STEEREON is a completely new mobility concept and the electric scooter is a fantastic development. PLEV Technologies is a highly innovative start-up company with a great future".

Innovative ideas provide impetus for new technologies

HEINZMANN has already benefited from similar joint ventures in the past: The innovative ideas generated by such young start-up businesses are also a source of inspiration for developments within the globally operating technology company itself.

Which is why HEINZMANN keeps a close eye on the progress being made in the electric mobility sector. After all, the company has been very familiar with this market since the turn of the century through its own business activities in the field of e-bike systems.

Urban mobility has become an increasingly significant topic in recent times. This is an important area for the future and one in which HEINZMANN is actively engaged, with its newly developed cargo bike drive systems offering efficient solutions for tackling the last mile.

With this involvement as strategic investor, Markus Gromer is pursuing the goal of promoting the young start-up company by making existing HEINZMANN supplier and dealer contacts available to help with the distribution of the STEEREON electric scooter.

Three founders, one vision

PLEV Technologies is a start-up company which was founded by graduates from the Technical University of Cologne. Up until the end of the year, the young business was subsidised by the Technical University of Cologne, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and an EU funding scheme.

The team is currently made up of the three founders and one permanent employee. They continue to be supported by joint inventor and mentor Prof. Dr. Ing. Michael Frantzen. With his many years of experience, Markus Gromer is ideally placed to act as a coach for the team. The vision behind the innovative development work at PLEV is to actively shape and sustainably enhance mobility in urban areas.

Solutions with future potential

The founders recognised the need for alternative means of transport to satisfy the mobility requirements of the future. Particularly in cases where the destination is only a short distance away, it may be too far to go on foot, too strenuous to go by bike, too inconvenient to go by car and too awkward to reach by public transport.

STEEREON, the world's first electric scooter with all-wheel steering, was developed to solve this problem. Its patented suspension system, integrated foldability, powerful drive, long range and low weight all make it the ideal alternative for short journeys in urban areas. Electric scooters and Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEV) offer tremendous potential for shaping the future of mobility.

Tomorrow's urban electric mobility

The STEEREON electric scooter is an innovative vehicle for people of all ages who want to enjoy urban electric mobility. The electric scooter provides a sustainable, flexible, fast, inexpensive and relaxed means of covering short distances. For longer journeys, the vehicle can easily be combined with other forms of transport and helps to tackle the last mile.

Being made of aluminium the electric scooter is of lightweight design - just about 20 kg - and is also foldable. With a power of 500 W, it can reach speeds of up to 25 km/h and has a range of around 50 kilometres. The charging time from a socket is between 2 and 3 hours.

The STEEREON is fun to use: with agile driving dynamics, patented all-wheel steering, good functionality and a sporty design. It is also economical and sustainable: Zero emissions and running costs of around 30 euro cents/100 km.

The first STEEREON series is planned for mid-2019. The electric scooter is to be distributed through dealerships and direct sales – with the active support of HEINZMANN.


The PLEV founders with Markus Gromer on the occasion of contract signingThe PLEV founders with Markus Gromer in Cologne on the occasion of contract signing on 26 November 2018

In the picture from left to right: Felix Vreden (CEO PLEV Technologies), Markus Gromer (CEO HEINZMANN), Maximilian Camp (CFO PLEV Technologies), Marvin Panek (CTO PLEV Technologies) 

The E-Scooter STEEREON of PLEV Technologies GmbH The E-Scooter STEEREON of PLEV Technologies GmbH
The E-Scooter STEEREON of PLEV Technologies GmbH in use The E-Scooter STEEREON of PLEV Technologies GmbH in use

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