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August 2019

HEINZMANN and cooperation partners take cargo bikes to a new level.

In urban environments, small and manoeuvrable vehicles are in their element. For example, cargo bikes get around much faster to deliver packages than small vans. But on some routes, it can be a Sisyphean task with muscle power alone. Thanks to electric support, e-bike workhorses - some with over 300 kg total permitted weight - are bringing new impetus to the distribution industry. 

However, the drive alone doesn’t solve every problem. Cooperation can take cargo bikes to a whole new level. As well as the right motor and the associated system components, you also need the gears, sensors and, ultimately, infrastructure for charging the batteries. The drive specialist HEINZMANN, based at Schönau in the Black Forest, has brought some strong partners on board and now offers OEMs a mobility concept based on its CargoPower RN 111 motor backed up by coordinated components to ensure efficient operation across a wide range of applications.

Made-to-measure drive concept

Bike manufacturers require different drives, which can be quickly adapted to the needs of the relevant user for a variety of applications. A largely modular design is ideal. HEINZMANN supplies its CargoPower RN 111 motor with a nominal output between 250 and 600 W, and with torques up to 31 Nm with a 48 VDC supply voltage. “This motor delivers the highest torque of all current bike and cargo bike motor models, with a peak torque of up to 113 Nm”, said Peter Mérimèche, Managing Director Electric Drives at HEINZMANN. “Customers really love it”. Depending on the wheel type, the motors can be installed directly in the wheel hub of the front or rear wheel for efficient and low-loss power delivery. Standard rim diameters of 20 to 29 inches are possible. The motor can also be mounted on one side, e.g. for three-wheelers with a side mounting flange. The permitted axle loads are 100 to 150 kg depending on the version. To ensure long-term reliable commercial use, even in hilly areas, the motor and the drive control are separate so that the heating of the motor does not interfere with the electronics. The waste heat from the motor is evenly dissipated by an oil cooling system, which simultaneously lubricates the high-performance planetary gears. The CAN bus compatible controller discharges its heat losses separately at another point, increasing both the service life and the reliability of the drive.

Practical and economical drive

Batteries are getting better all the time, but the amount of energy that can be stored is still very limited. When you have to transport loads, careful use of resources is absolutely essential. The CargoPower system has an intelligent drive control that opens up various possibilities for the OEM: For example, torque sensors on the pedal crank or the electric motor allow effective fine adjustment to achieve maximum efficiency. In addition to general monitoring of the electrical system, a range of different rider preferences and concepts can be incorporated, e.g. different support levels, assisted pull-away and reversing programs, or a pushing aid.

The well-established company Alfred Thun GmbH & Co. KG contributes compact sensor technology to the efficient drive, which monitors the rotation speed, the rotational direction and the current torque. This enables the motor control to ensure optimum regulation to lower power consumption and extend the range. The motor control can counteract the torque fluctuations created by the pedal crank, the electric drive smooths the rider’s irregular pedalling and the power output on the wheel remains uniform, improving the riding experience.

Torque monitoring in the bb-set can also reduce tyre wear, for example when pulling away, and distribute the drive load between the rider and the electric motor as required or as specified.

Gear reduction for the motor...

Gears integrated into the hub are used to reduce the motor speed, optimising the torque for the subsequent purpose. For a wheel hub motor, planetary gears are the method of choice because of their compact construction. Different planetary stages in the hub motors on cargo bikes meet the stringent requirements in the transport industry for continuous load capacity and durability. As the electric motor is designed for a nominal speed of 200 rpm, different gear ratios allow easy adjustment of the final speed or climbing capabilities to match the wheel size and the total weight. The electronics then merely carry out the necessary fine tuning.

... and the pedal crank

PINION develops its gearshift solutions for bikes based on automotive technology. They offer a long service life with guaranteed functional reliability. Allied to minimal service and lifetime costs, they are currently setting the standard when it comes to gearshift technology. Combined with the CargoPower heavy duty motor, the central gearbox is the power pack for professional cargo bikes and the care-free package for developing high performance and safe e-cargo vehicles. The drive unit essentially consists of two high-end components, which are coordinated in optimum sequence. The principle is: “First shift, then step it. This prevents wear, protects the drive train and makes for an enjoyable ride”, says Thomas Raith, managing director of Pinion GmbH.

Fuelling up made simple

Despite careful use of energy, the drive battery will run out, and for efficient transport services there cannot be any length charging breaks. To prevent this, the motor specialists have cooperated with GreenPack to produce another key element of the modern cargo bike concept. The charging station known as Swobbee allows flat batteries to be replaced with fully charged ones in seconds. Externally, the Swobbee station looks like a high post box and inside are separate compartments, in which the individual batteries can be charged and removed by authorised users. The modular charging column enables battery packs to be charged at both public and private locations. Depending on the mobility concept, rented batteries can be used alongside your own in the system, for example a portable 48 V battery delivering 1.400 Wh of power.

The state-of-the-art all-round concept for cargo bike logistics - with everything from scalable drive components for different types of transport through to a sophisticated and flexible supply system for battery replacement - enables an efficient distribution logistics system for bikes to be set up. Cooperation between several specialists makes development easier for bicycle manufacturers, increases the bike’s reliability and reduces the time-to-market.

HEINZMANN and partners at Eurobike

Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG: Demo Area East, Stand 210

Alfred Thun GmbH & Co. KG: Hall A2, Stand 107

GreenPack mobile energy solutions GmbH: Hall A1, Stand 700

Pinion GmbH: Hall A2, Stand 105 and Demo Area East, Stand 211


CargoPower RN 111 Drive specialist HEINZMANN offers a mobility concept for cost-effective operation covering all aspects of the CargoPower RN 111 motor (Source: HEINZMANN)
CargoBike BRINGTransportation of goods demands different requirements on the delivery vehicles depending on payload and distribution area: The cargo bike BRING in cooperation with Humbauer Flexbox (Source: BAYK AG)
Drehzahlsensor von ThunTorque monitoring on the pedal crank reduces tyre wear and distributes the drive load between the rider and the electric motor as required or as specified (Source: Alfred Thun GmbH & Co. KG)
Radkutsche MusketierHEINZMANN cargo power motor RN 111 and Thun speed sensor applied on e-cargo bike (Source: Radkutsche GmbH)
HEINZMANN CargoPower Motor und PINION Getriebe am e-LastenradPINION’s gearshift solutions offer a long service life with guaranteed functional reliability (Source: Pinion GmbH)

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